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The "ULTIMATE" Book of Beef!

Book of Beef

Over 1250 Beef Recipes to Download
Over 1 000 000 Downloadable Free Recipes!

From: Chef Johan

Dear Friend,

Are you bored with your plain diet? Is your family bored with the same old meals everyday?

Is your cooking not as tasty & healthy as you'd like it to be? Would you like to improve your cooking skills and start to cook tasty, mouth-watering food? Do you like red-meat but can only make a few beef dishes?


You come to the RIGHT place! The ULTIMATE BOOK of BEEF is your complete Red-Meat cooking guide that shows you how to cook real and healthy beef that can significantly improve your diet and health.

My specilized cookbook of hand-picked beef recipes are the esaiest, most delicious and tastiest beef recipes you'll find anywhere. no fancy ingredient or equipment required.

There are 50 Categories in 5 Different Cookbooks with 1250 Beef Recipes!

Beef Recipe Book

50 Beef Categories in 5 Different Cookbooks!

Beef Hash Recipes
Beef Dijon Recipes
Beef Enchilada Recipes
Beef Marinade Recipes
Beef Pastrami Recipes
Beef Tacos Recipes
Beef Tongue Recipes
Beef Brains Recipes
Beef Fajita Recipes
Beef Stroganoff Recipes
Beef Patty Recipes
Ground Beef Recipes
Beef Jerky Recipes
Corned Beef Recipes
Beef Brisket Recipes
Beef Steak Recipes
Beef Pot Roast Recipes
Beef & Cabbage Recipes
Beef & Chillies Recipes
Beef Crock Pot Recipes
Beef Casserole Recipes
Beef Stew Recipes
Beef Stir Fry Recipes
Beef Salad Recipes
Beef Curry Recipes
Roast Beef Recipes
Beef Pie Recipes
Beef Soup Recipes
Beef Meatloaf Recipes
Beef BBQ Recipes
Grilled Beef Recipes
Braised Beef Recipes
Baked Beef Recipes
Broiled Beef Recipes
Beef Hamburger Recipes
Low-Fat Beef Recipes
Sweet & Sour Beef Recipes
Beef Appetizer Recipes
Beef Sausages Recipes
Beef Meatballs Recipes
Old Fashioned Beef Recipes
Italian Beef Recipes
Hungarian Beef Recipes
Chinese Beef Recipes
American Beef Recipes
Cajun Beef Recipes
Korean Beef Recipes
Southern Beef Recipes
African Beef Recipes
Mexican Beef Recipes

Real Healthy Beef Cooking!

Discover how to cook Gourmet Beef Dishes in 20 - 30 minutes!
Re-discover the old-time beef recipes you though you'd never taste again!
Make you taste-buds dance with excitement while cooking simple, yet exotic beef recipes that will save you time!
5 Downloadable Cookbooks, containing 1250 Beef Recipes!
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